Join this wild 4-D adventure as grizzly bears emerge from their winter dens in the Alaskan mountains and forage for whatever food they can find. They travel up the west coast of North America to feast on the great salmon run, one of nature’s most amazing events. The salmon is on its annual journey upstream to the mountain streams in which they were born. Their passage is fraught with danger – from raging rapids and waterfalls to hungry grizzly bears. Other predators join the feast, including orcas, Steller sea lions, salmon sharks and the bald eagle. Presented in high definition 3-D plus in-theater special effects, this captivating 12-minute show provides insight into the forces of nature, which drive a chain reaction culminating in a spectacular wildlife event. For some animals, it's a window of opportunity, but for others, it's the most dangerous time of their lives.



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